9 Apr 2013

Freebies, moving, samsung and crochet

Crafting supplies still in storage...including my cutting machine so no new cut files for now, but I have started crochetting/hooking as its affectionately called and I'm loving it. Crochet supplies take up way less room than my crafty supplies so I can crochet in any room with little mess.
Crochet Donkey hat.
(Inspired by Shelly and her helpful pattern at

Moving news as of yet


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dragonfly60 said... [Reply]

Hi Sally
I've just discovered your blog and love what I see. I would appreciate having the password to see your free files and can be emailed at

Thanks so much,

Malin på said... [Reply]

haha, how cute!!

Shelly said... [Reply]

the donkey hat looks great! i'm glad my hat could inspire such a cute creation!

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